Anna – Anna Marin


J’ai étudié la philosophie en France avant de déménager en Allemagne pour reprendre de nouvelles études aux Beaux-Arts de Berlin (Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee) où j’ai reçu en 2017 deux ans après mon Master le titre de Meisterschülerin de la professeure Nanne Meyer. Je travaille actuellement en tant que dessinatrice et auteure de nouvelles graphiques. Je suis également chargée de la direction artistique de la jeune entreprise berlinoise Yunel.

Je traduis bientôt ce texte en français…

Artist statement (en)

What I love most, as an artist, is watching and recording human relationships .

In my books, I show characters who share very different experiences and in so doing, become quite contented. It’s about man and woman meeting, two persons driven by difficulties and ease, struggle and harmony, sometimes close, sometimes apart, with growing or fading agreement.

Everyday situations conceal existential questions. My stories, with drawing and dialogue, claim to link depth and superficialities, to express the complexity of life with a new language. I look for treasures in seemingly innocent situations, and try to sharpen an awareness of the comical, the profound, the shocking, which are within and all around us.

The most essential is not always where one expects it : therefore, stories with different levels of meaning arise; these can make us laugh as well as think, they can promote self awareness and the comfort of knowing that, after all, a way can be found even in confusion. Chaos, tedium, frustration, lightness, cheerfulness, suffering, perplexity and joy alternate not altogether unpredictably…
Depicting this can entertain, soothe, and help our understanding.

Anna Marin, 2019



Zeichnung Kunst

Foto: Sabrina Asche